Customer Reviews

"This is our go to stop every year on our annual Mother-Daughter road trip. Always get there before they open and always the first in line. Best BBQ! If you drive by and don't stop you are missing some good eats."
-- Mara Dix on Facebook 10/9/2016

"Food was tasty and delivered quickly...I had a Beef brisket sandwich...very flavorful and tender. I tried their sweet BBQ sauce and spicy BBQ sauce and they both complimented the meat well. As a side, I choose the mac and cheese. It was very good...It is a tiny side of the road BBQ stand, but I always find those serve some of the best BBQ. I will go back, and next time I'd like to do the Frito Pie. Looked amazing!"
-- Amanda A, Cranston R.I. on Yelp 7/7/2016

"Very good BBQ...The cook/owner clearly puts in a solid effort and really cares about the food and the services. The staff is very friendly also. If your nearby make sure you stop in."
-- Brendon P. Springfield, MA on Yelp 7/7/2016

"Great food, great value. I believe they have the best bbq in the Valley. Thanks, Smoky Bros."
-- Mo G. Colrain, MA on Yelp 6/12/2016

"Better than any BBQ I have had! We had Smokey Bro's cater an event and it was fabulous! Any leftovers were gone next day!"
-- Kathryn S. Wallingford CT on Trip Advisor 6/7/2016

"As good as it gets. The rib tips are smokey heaven and the mac and cheese is off the hook."
-- Jesse T. Philadelphia, PA 5/18/2016

"(Not so) patiently waiting for opening day tomorrow!! Smoky Bro's is hands down the best BBQ around. My husband and I have been frequent customers for the last 3 summers and we will keep coming back! It's owned by the sweetest couple, who are always happy to chat, and the food just can't be beat. We've tried everything they make and have never been disappointed! Even our 2yr old loves the food (especially the pulled pork& the mac and cheese!)"
-- Becca PD on Facebook 4/28/2016

"Im certainly one who will pay good money for good food but you get great food for a decent price here ! We travel out from springfield ma, we been to many of these quote un quote popular/high rated bbq spots but we've found that there over priced and your not getting it right off the grill. You're getting precooked bbq reheated smh! But this place the opposite! Can't wait till may!! #bestribsinmass"
-- Bernard Jackson on Facebook 4/7/2016

"Found this hidden gem of a BBQ shack as I was wandering the area & sure glad I did! Hands down, some of the best, if not THE BEST BBQ I've ever had in my life. My favorites are the pulled pork & their mouth watering fall off the bone ribs. All the meat is consistently perfectly smoked, so juicy & never dry. I can't get enough & I drive the distance just to get their food! Mac & cheese, cornbread really good...cole slaw is a little light in flavor but offers a nice crunch factor when eating this juicy, delicious BBQ. Highly recommend you check it out, but only open Fri-Sun. Mmmm mmmm goooood."
-- Jennifer F. Newton, MA on Yelp 9/20/2015

"Some of the best ribs I've ever had....excellent service also...will definitely be back..."
-- Eileen Finneran Gallagher on Facebook 9/28/2015

"Do NOT pass it by!... Ribs, beans and cornbread were all delicious... Nice folks too... I'll be back!"
-- Greg Heald on Facebook 8/7/2015

"Best bbq in mass hands down! Huge plates and they treat you like family. Ribs are amazing and make sure to try the sweet sauce."
-- Tyler Swan on Facebook 8/7/2015

"We stopped in at this roadside shop after seeing a few Yelp reviews and decided to give it a shot. When we arrived we were greeted by polite staff who took our order and quickly made our food. While we waited we enjoyed the tantalizing smell of the grill as we soaked up the sun...We bought ribs, pulled beef as well as corn bread. Holy smokes, the serving size was huge and these are the best ribs we have had in a very long time....In the end, we destroyed their fall off the bones ribs and enjoyed sitting outside while we dined."
-- Dan. R Greenfield, MA on Yelp 8/28/15

"We used Smoky Bro for our son's rehearsal dinner BBQ. The food was delicious and the customer service was exceptional. We ordered large trays of pulled pork, beef and chicken and several sides, including mac and cheese and beans. Brolin, the owner, was a delight to work with. He was so accommodating to our schedule and helped us keep everything hot as we trekked the food up to a campsite in the nearby hills. So many of our guests commented on how good the food was. It is! Drive up the Mohawk Trail and give this place a try."
-- Rita O. Wallingford Center, CT on Yelp 8/12/15

"Best bbq I've ever had. Huge portions and super friendly. Can't wait to go back and try some more. They change the menu all the time. You def won't be disappointed."
-- Tisha Chicopee, MA on TripAdvisor 7/21/15

I had read a review for this place in the Boston Globe and figured I'd stop in since I was up that way today, I was blown away by how much flavor was in these ribs! The smokiness was amazing!! The sides were good - Mac and cheese was very creamy and delicious, coleslaw was crunchy and fresh!...The portions were good sized and the ribs were delicious!... I cannot say enough for the customer service!! These people really want to create a great customer base and it shows! I know from working years in food service what the correct things are to really build great customer relations and this guy goes above and beyond to show his appreciation for your business! Made me want to shake his hand and tell him what a great job he's doing and to keep it up! This is the real deal!...I love that they're locals and here doing their thing and making it happen!! Rock on!!
-- KB Amherst MA on Yelp 6/20/15

We had to drive to this place but it was worth it. The beef brisket plate size was great and brisket was both juicy and delicious. Cole slaw and corn bread sides should have been made there, because they were fresh. The picnic tables near the road are cute.
- milkstout on TripAdvisor 7/19

The best pulled pork sandwich i ever had. baked beans are a treat as well. will be back here often.
- Gautham Boston on Google

Their meat is very moist, smoky and flavorful. The sides are good too - mac and cheese, beans, coleslaw and cornbread were great. They serve big portions so you won't leave hungry. They have a few picnic tables so you can eat outside.
- JSBVT West Halifax, VT 7/12

Nice hole in the wall bbq stop. Picnic tables to eat on. Outside smoker giving off mouth watering smells. Best bbq ribs we ever had. Staff was great. Prices great...this is the place for smoked meats...Right next to a Mohawk trail souvenir store. Loved it. Will stop for ribs again on next road trip.
- NPT1975 Chicopee MA, 5/3/15

Well, I finally found a barbecue joint that ranks five star. This place is the real deal. The ribs were smoky and a little crispy on the outside, and absolutely fall-off-the-bone tender on the inside. The smoke flavor penetrated all the way through to the bone. I usually use a ton of bbq sauce on my ribs but these didn't need a drop. So good! The coleslaw was tasty, and the potato salad was just right. The only downside is that they don't have a location in Florida! Will definitely be coming back next time we're in Massachusetts.
- Joe W. Port St Lucie, FL 8/31/14

Our family stopped here on the way to the Clark Museum in Williamstown. These are the BEST ribs we have ever eaten, ever. The fixins are all excellent. Nothing phony or pretentious about this place. The owners Brolin and Sunshine are true locals but have lived all over the USA including in the pretentious food capital, San Francisco -- yet you will be pleased to find that the buns are simple soft, smushy, regular old hamburger buns which don't take away from the brilliance of the meat. In fact, the intelligence of this place is that the entire focus is on not taking away from the the rapture of meat and wood smoke. The dry rub doesn't even have salt -- and no sugar either, of course. The sweet and hot sauces are also simple, delicious and fresh. I wish all restaurants were more like this one, where the passion for food is finely focused, absent of ego and the customer's palate was respected instead of used as an experimental testing site for the fusion of flavors that do not go together and can only be considered exciting to people who can't really find satisfaction in the taste of something as divine as smoked wood on animal flesh. P.S. The soda collection is also awesome -- Grape, Orange, Root Beer, Coke -- and none of those flavors are all mixed up either. Next time we are in Shelburne it will only be on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday so we can eat some of the finest BBQ in America.
- George C. Brentwood, CA 7/20/14

Best BBQ ribs by far in western mass. Smoke master with great food at fair prices. Best ribs anywhere, unfortunately only open Fri-Sun and seasonal. Well worth the trip up Rt. 2.
- 24highst on TripAdvisor 10/15/12

My friends and I saw this place on our way to Berkshire East and thought it would be a good idea to eat there when we were done. After a long day of zip-lining, we showed up at the front of Smoky Bro's, hungry and exhausted. I saw the smoker outside by the picnic table and immediately knew this was going to be great. I ordered the rib meal with mac n cheese and coleslaw. My friends ordered ribs with mac n cheese and potato salad, the chicken with baked beans, and the pulled pork sandwich. The service was quick and friendly. The meat was literally falling off of the bones! The mac n cheese was so creamy and delicious (I ended up ordering a large side to go!), the coleslaw was perfect! I tried my friend's potato salad and loved that it was mustard-based! My friends also thought their food was delicious! Most of our eating was done in complete silence, except for our grunts of approval! If I ever make it back to Western Mass (probably to zip line again), I'm definitely hitting this place up again!
- Dena C. Brooklyn, NY 10/8/12

This is by far the best BBQ joint I've had in Massachusetts. The only bad thing is their limited season. We only found out about this place a few weeks ago and in a couple of more weeks, they'll be closing until next year. Their ribs are succulent and fall of the bone with that beautiful pink smoke ring. We haven't tried their other meats yet because we're still so addicted to their ribs. I'm not a big fan of sides in general so nothing they have sidedish wise excites me. The couple that runs the joint are really friendly and you can tell the dude is really proud of his BBQ. Atmosphere wise, it is a roadside stand with a couple of picnic benches on the grass. The times we've gone the weather has been pleasant but it would be nice if they could move indoors and open year round. We've stopped going to Bub's and have made this our BBQ home. We make trips from Amherst to Shelburne solely for their ribs.
- Ronald Y. Amherst, MA 10/7/12

Came upon this place after kayaking on the Deerfield River. Had the pork ribs with spicy beans and coleslaw. It was all delicious. Ribs were perfectly cooked. Owner was very friendly. I will make this a regular stop.
- Sue R. Newtown, CT 6/21/12

This place has, hands down, the best BBQ I have ever had. The portions are generous, the people are friendly, and the food's amazing. What more could you want!? When I went I had the rib plate; just 10 bucks. The smoker, where they cooked the meat, was right outside and those ribs must have been slow cooking for most of the day because it was so tender. I had eaten BBQ all of the country, but mostly Texas, and I was just amazed at how well prepared this food was. I went back the next day and got 3 racks for our mother's day dinner. If you are thinking about going, GO! You will not be disappointed.
- Travis D. Philadelphia, PA 5/15/12

I've tried a lot of BBQ in the Pioneer Valley and the Berkshires and there's something really perfect about everything I have had at Smoky Bro's. Great Entrees? Check. I've had the Pork Spare ribs, Chopped Chicken, Pulled Pork. Unlike a lot of BBQ, each of these are completely unique and carry their own flavor. Killer sides: Slaw, Potato Salad. Check. The spicy baked beans are awesome. The sides are a eally good compliment to the smokey flavor. Sauce: Smoky Bro's HOT SAUCE IS AMAZING. Its a big deal. The sweet is delicious too, but when you appreciate hot sauce, that's pretty much where you live. Roadside: definitely, the smoker is rocking the trading post. Easy access, great food on Rte. 2. Go by there on the weekend all the time on route from Greenfield to Shellburne Falls. Catering: check - just had a small family reunion, asked Smoky Bro to bring some chopped chicken and pulled pork. We were about 5 hours out from serving, so he gave us the vinegar to heat up the pork. It was perfect. Every guest went out of their way to tell us how much they loved the food! I know a bit about what goes into to making quality BBQ. It's all about the tools, quality ingredients and cooking time. This place takes care of all of this and makes it completely unique, delicious and worth the effort of finding. Do yourself a huge favor and get to this gem.
- Chris J. Williamstown, MA 8/20/11

"Best potato salad I've ever had."" I want beans and potato salad""Can I have another pulled pork please?" This place is the best! I think everyone should check it out..unless you are vegan. The couple who run Smoky Bro's are really nice and cute! And it's fun to shop at the Indian Trading Post after you eat!
- Hungry I. Turners Falls, MA 7/11/11